Products I​ recommend


The best multivitamin-mineral product out there

Zinc has many benefits including

  • Hormonal balance
  • Better skin
  • Increased immunity
  • Boosted libido
  • Improved vision

If you don’t eat enough fat fish I recommend taking

It has the ability to improve vision, the immune system, reduces the risk of heart cancer and many more.

Currently, I am drinking this delicious rice protein powder because my skin reacted badly on whey protein

I think a must-have supplement for bodybuilders to improve their strength is creatine monohydrate

Just drink 5 grams a day (doesn’t matter at which time of the day but I prefer to take it before bed).


The most entertaining book I have ever read I literally read it every minute I had time.

The best book out there about the most powerful tool you posses – your mind.

Tim Ferris is a genius and this book motivated many people to become entrepreneurs and live the life of their dreams.

This book learns you so many lessons about history and which laws people follow to achieve greatness and success..

Every self-help, motivational book written today is based on the principles explained in

It will surely have a positive effect on your way of thinking.


It took me some time to find a great and affordable coffee machine which makes delicious REAL coffee (Yes it makes a big difference if you get your coffee from Nespresso capsules or freshly grinded coffee beans).

Here is my daily helper to get my day started

It is important to grind your coffee super fine when using an espresso machine this grinder will do the job really well

These are the first beats headphones I have ever worn and I am really satisfied with their sound quality and their stability on my head during the workout.

I think a huge benefit the beats headphones have is that they are fully charged really fast and the battery lasts for many hours.


For me, it’s important to wear comfortable but good looking clothes so if you want to wear the most comfortable and stylish t-shirt here it is :

Cotton and every other material will feel like a cactus after you have been wearing clothes made out of Pima cotton.

My favorite underwear :

Great shoes for the gym (especially for deadlifts and squats because of their thin sole and stability).