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Year by year the popularity of a vegan diet is growing.

There are many studies, documentaries, books that show that a plant-based diet is healthier than a diet including meat, fish and dairy products.

It’s rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals and helps to lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol (my bad cholesterol level dropped 1/3 after only 8 weeks of a vegan diet).       It also reduces the risk of diabetes and a heart attack and has countless other health benefits.

I’m talking about a diet consisting out of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, legumes and not chips with Coca-Cola or these often not so healthy meat substitutes.

vegan ramen noodle avocado plant-based veganism
Some typical vegan meals I eat

Sadly still many people have prejudices against vegans thinking they’re skinny hippies and vegan men have low testosterone, low energy or whatever.

Nothing against skinny people or hippies but there’s no standard vegan person.

A vegan can be anything from an actor, athlete, politician or musician.

What separates vegans from most others is that they actually inform themselves about nutrition, health and how animals are treated before they land on the plate and don’t think it’s right that animals get killed.

I am not saying that everyone is not educating themselves about what they eat but there’s a lot of false misleading information out there even about nutrition and people often don’t want to look reality in the eyes, but fortunately, more and more knowledge about the benefits of a plant-based diet is coming public.

Vegans often tell you they’re vegan but they got a good reason to tell you that.

We all live on this planet together and by eating fewer animals we can all help to save the planet.

If everybody on Earth switched to a vegan diet much less land would be required to produce the food needed to sustain humanity, we would waste much less water than now (the average hamburger takes 2400 litres of water to produce), and have less methane greenhouse gas emissions.

Becoming a vegan is the best thing you can do for your health, for animals, and for the planet so why should they shut their mouth when they feel they got a message to share?

It’s not too late to make a change.

Veganism is exploding now and I am happy to see people starting to eat more consciously and give a plant-based diet a try.

No one has ever forced you to eat meat it’s just that everyone else is eating it so we assume that if everyone else eats it, it must the right and best thing to do?

I ate meat, fish, dairy 25 years of my life till one day I asked myself why do I eat those dead animals?

Is it ok to eat them? They’re also living beings just like humans right?

Think about it.

Would you kill a cow or chicken by yourself to eat afterward?

Isn’t the thought that the egg of a chicken comes out of the same opening as it’s poo gross?

It’s okay for people to make a nice smoothie in their blender with fruits and vegetables but would they ever put meat inside and press the button?

Why do people think their dog, cat or rabbit deserves to live but a pig or a cow has to die for their burger?

Only because we can’t see how they get killed it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen.

They’re all living beings just like we are and only because they can’t defend themselves from us killing them it doesn’t give us the right to eat them.

Use what separates us mostly from animals, the power of choice.

Live healthier, save the planet and save animals.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of becoming a vegan here are some documentaries I recommend:



What the Health

Forks Over Knives


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