The Disadvantages of Bodybuilding

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In my previous post, I wrote about all the advantages of bodybuilding.

Now I will let you know about the less cool things which bodybuilding brings into our life.

The Cons

Limitation of Freedom and Flexibility

This sport takes so much dedication.

If you take it seriously you cant live like the average joe, you will have to make sacrifices.

Not only do you need to go to the gym 4-6 times a week, you will need to eat the right food at the right time and this can be really hard especially if you’re traveling or working all day.

If you want to lose fat you need to weigh your food to know how many calories you consume and this will make it difficult to eat outdoors.

You won’t be able to party all night like the rest of your friends because this will badly affect your body’s recovery.

If you’re on vacation you have to search for a gym near your place where you stay.

Every job I had in the past I needed to take my own food with me because I wouldn’t get any results with eating the food which was offered me at work.

That’s why this sport is not for everyone, many people don’t want to do what it takes to transform their body.

These people will never understand bodybuilders and it makes no sense to explain them this lifestyle

Bodybuilders are different, they plan their day in advance.

Food & Money

If you want to gain muscle you have to eat a lot.

Even if you’re not hungry, you sometimes just have to ”shove” it into you.

Are 3 meals a day enough?

Depends on your goals but most people aren’t able to eat the number of calories they need to build muscle in only 3 meals.

Let’s say an average bodybuilder needs to eat 4000 calories a day to be in a calorie surplus to build muscle and he would only eat 3 times a day it means he needs to eat 1333 calories per meal.

That’s a lot to eat- especially healthy calories.

So its easier to split these calories into 4-6 smaller meals with 600-1000 calories per meal.

Buying food, then preparing and eating so many meals takes a lot of time and costs much money (and I am not even talking here about supplements).

The hardest part of bodybuilding is not the training, it is your diet.

You don’t build muscles from the air, and this is what many beginners don’t realize and wonder why their body doesn’t change after they spend many hours in the gym – they simply don’t eat enough.

You are Big

This is the reason why most people begin with bodybuilding but it also has its downsides.

You often can’t wash or scratch the middle of your back without some help.

You will have difficulties finding jeans where your legs fit in (no jeans from Zara fit me).

That’s why I bought these Diesel JoggJeans because they have the comfort of jogging pants but look like some cool pair of jeans.

When you are big, many people see you only as a guy with a bunch of muscles and have the prejudices that bodybuilders have their brain in their muscles and that they are all using drugs.

I am often surprised how many people exist with such a narrow mind.

Muscle Soreness and Overall Stress

After a hard workout or when you give your body new stimuli, you often will have muscle soreness the next few days (especially after leg day).

This means that some simple daily movements like going up the stairs or picking up something from the floor won’t be so easy anymore while you have this muscle soreness.

The good thing is the more regularly you go to the gym the less pain you should feel.

So here’s another reason not to skip the gym.

I, for example, get this muscle soreness rarely, because I am doing this now for over 6 years.

Only when I try a new exercise it might be that my muscles which I targeted with this exercise feel a bit sore.

All this hard training puts not only stress on your muscles but also on your central nervous system.

That’s why I recommend everyone to have a deload week after 6-8 weeks of hard training (if you feel fine after 8 weeks of training and are still progressing with your exercises you can continue until you feel like you have to give your body a little rest).

What is a Deload Week?

A deload week is a where you still go to hit the gym but with much less intensity and less volume to give you bones, joints, and central nervous system a little rest and time to recover.

My deload looks like this:

I do the exact same exercises which I normally do but use only 60% of the weight and perform about half of the sets which I normally do (if you do 5 sets normally do 3 sets instead).

This lighter weight gives you also a good opportunity to work on your form by doing the exercise as controlled as possible.

Let’s say you normally do 4 sets of squats with 100kg- in the deload week you do 2 sets with only 60kg.

As you see bodybuilding’s disadvantages are small compared to it’s advantages.

That’s why i love this sport since day one.

Until next time,


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