How to Start your Day like a Boss

how to start the day like a boss morning routine

It is no coincidence that most successful people have some kind of routine or ritual when they’re waking up and getting ready for the day.

They know that in order to achieve their dreams they have to make the best out of every single day.

They don’t wake up and say to themselves ”Umm, let’s see what today brings…”.

Before they go to bed they already have planned their next day.

As soon as the alarm goes on they don’t hit the snooze button.

They wake up excited for the day because they know they got things to do.

Everyone has a different routine, some do yoga and stretching while others first need a double espresso and music.

”Win the Morning, Win the Day”

I have been doing the following morning routine now for about a year and it has worked excellent for me.

1) Making the Bed

The first thing I do in the morning is making my bed.

A Former Navy Seal Admiral reminded me of the importance of this simple task              “If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride and will encourage you to do another task and yet another. And, if you happen to have a miserable day, you will come home to a bed that you made and this will give you encouragement that tomorrow will be better.”

2) Contrast Shower

For most people, this will be the hardest part of this routine, but the benefits for turning the temperature of the water down for about 1-2 minutes at the end of your shower are worth it:

  • It wakes you up more than any energy drink or coffee on this planet.
  • It improves your hair and skin.
  • It promotes fat loss.
  • It relieves depression.
  • It reduces muscle soreness.
  • It increases testosterone.
  • It improves circulation and immunity and many more

3) Brain Warm-Up

While you take the Contrast Shower it’s time to warm up your brain for a successful day.

  • Count from 100 to 0 as fast as possible and say out every number loud.                  This will teach you to think fast.
  • Find a noun for each letter of the alphabet. Don’t just think about the word but imagine exactly how the thing looks, tastes, smells or feels like. This will activate your right brain (color, shape, size..) and your left brain (thinking of a word).
  • Say 10 male and then 10 female names out loud.

4) Affirmations

After the shower and brushing my teeth I read out loud affirmations which I have written on a paper sticking on the mirror.

Affirmations can be your goals, a reminder of some personal changes which you want to make or quotes which you find inspiring.

For example:

Write down your own affirmations and say them out loud like you really mean it, every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to bed.

5) Music, Tea/Coffee, and Smoothie

When I am finished with the bathroom I turn on some music which makes me happy and improves my mood.

Next, I go to the kitchen and prepare my breakfast smoothie and a cup of matcha tea (or coffee if I am going to the gym)

Check out my matcha tea vs coffee post right here.

6) Breathing and Focusing Exercise

The last thing which I do is:

  1. I sit down on the floor
  2. I close my eyes
  3. I inhale deeply through my nose and exhale through my mouth.
  4. While I do this deep breathing I focus on every single part of my body beginning from my toes over my ankles to my calves all the way up to my ears.
  5. Don’t hurry up, take your time with every body part. This should take about 3 minutes.
  6. When I am finished with this I breath out all of the air in my lunges and calmly hold my breath as long as possible.
  7. I begin breathing deeply again like step 3.
  8. This time I am thinking about what I am thankful for. No matter what it is.         Your friends, family, your dog, the sushi which you will eat after your workout or that you have legs that can take you to any place you desire to go.
  9. Now repeat step 6. This time you should be able to hold your breath longer than the first time. It’s important that you stay calm and relaxed while doing this.
  10. Last but not least you think about how you see yourself in 5 years. Where will you live? Where and what will you do for a living? How are you going to look like? Will you have the same friends as now? Which dreams will you have achieved?
  11. Ask yourself these questions for about 3 minutes and hold your breath one last time. Now you should get by the longest time without catching air.
  12. You feel amazing and are ready for the day.

All together this routine should take about 35 minutes.

I highly recommend it if you want to start your day productive and make the most out of it.

Until next time,


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