Top 30 Hip-Hop Workout Songs

Best hip-hop workout songs 50 Cent 2Pac Eminem Dr.Dre DMX Ja Rule

Listening to music in the gym is a must for me.

The right song helps you to get in the ”zone”, to push through heavy sets and to break a new personal record at the deadlift.

I listen to all kinds of music when I am working out, from Hip-Hop to Rock, Metal, and Electro.

The most important thing is that the song pumps you up and motivates you to hit the gym.

To share with you all my favorite gym songs would be too long, so I focused today on the best hip-hop songs in my playlist.

I made a Spotify playlist in alphabetical order for you to listen (sadly 4 of my favourite songs weren’t on Spotify).

Enjoy listening.

  • Agony Fires by Jedi Mind Tricks
  • Ambition by Wale (ft Meek Mill & Rick Ross)
  • Brooklyns Finest by Jay-Z (ft Biggie Smalls)
  • Can’t be touched by Roy Jones Jr.

This is one of the most famous motivational songs ever. I remember hearing this song every day in Thailand from speaker boxes of cars who drove around the town to promote their Thai boxing fights.

  • Drop the World by Lil Wayne (ft. Eminem)
  • Dope Boys by The Game
  • Ecstasy of Gold by Nas (ft. Ennio Morricone) (Dj Erb)
  • El Chapo by The Game & Skrillex

Conor McGregor didn’t choose this song without a reason as his entrance song at UFC 196.

  • End of days by Vinnie Paz (ft Block McCloud)
  • Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio
  • Get Back by Ludacris
  • Go to sleep by Eminem & DMX
  • Hate it or Love it by The Game & 50 Cent

Hate it or Love is my favorite rap song of all time with an unforgettable instrumental.

  • Hustlers Ambition by 50 Cent
  • I’m a Soldier by 2Pac
  • MMG Untouchable by Rick Ross
  • No Love by Eminem & Lil Wayne
  • Party up in here by DMX
  • Ready for the Fight by The Young Punx & Count Bass D

I’ve put this catchy song in my playlist ever since I saw a great best of Roy Jones Jr. and Mike Tyson video on Youtube.

  • Spaz out by Jedi Mind Tricks

If an overall winner of my motivational songs had to be chosen, it would be this one. I remember when I was facing a heavy set of squats I played this song and at 0:19 I got nearly goosebumps and was fueled by adrenaline.

  • Start it up by Lloyd Banks
  • Stay Chiseled by Nas
  • The Rain by DMX
  • Till I Collapse by Eminem (ft. Nate Dogg)
  • We Right Here by DMX
  • Where the Hood at by DMX
  • Wouldnt get far by The Game (ft. Kanye West)
  • X Gon’ Give it to ya by DMX
  • You Don’t Know by Eminem (ft. 50 Cent, Cashis, and Lloyd Banks)
  • 100 Black Coffins by Rick Ross

I first heard this song in the Quentin Tarantino movie Django. I loved the movie and it’s a great song to add to your gym playlist.

Until next time,


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