Think Big – Get Big

6 years ago I weighed 67 kilograms with a height of 186 centimeters and had arms thin as a toothpick.
My diet consisted of fast food, sweets, and soft drinks.
I didn’t care about my health at all but at least I went out to play football every day.

Then one day a friend of mine suggested joining a gym.

In my first year of working out in the gym, I didn’t have any clue what I was doing.
I went to the gym 5 times per week without training my legs but spent a full workout training only my triceps (god knows why I did this).
Deadlifts and Squats looked too exotic and complicated for me to try out so I skipped those exercises.
I knew nothing about nutrition, only heard somewhere that protein is important for building muscle so I began putting bananas with cottage cheese in the blender and drinking it after the workout.
Supplements were also unknown to me back then.
I didn’t know anything about protein powderor Creatine but had some prejudices against supplements because many other people I knew acted like they were some kind of steroids.
Month after month I learned more about training and nutrition.
There were many different opinions about these topics, that’s why I had to try out what works best for me.
Slowly I was sculpting my body the way I wanted it to look.
My arms and shoulders became bigger and I could contract and control my chest and latissimus muscles.
Seeing these results got me obsessed with training.

The feeling after a hard workout was incredible.
I felt so relaxed, confident and knew I had just done something good for my body and mind.
The discipline and willpower which I’ve learned from bodybuilding got transferred into other areas of my life.
It takes some determination to never skip a gym-session, to eat the right meals at the right time, to get enough sleep and to find the best way to achieve your goals.

I’ve written down every workout and tried to do more repetitions or more weight the next time I went to the gym.
I think this is one of the biggest mistakes beginners make,- that they don’t know if they are progressing or if they are stagnating in the gym.
The only way to build muscles the natural way is through progression and most of us don’t remember if we did 5 or 6 repetitions in the third set of bench pressing last week, that’s why I started to take notes on my phone.

After 2 years of training, I​ weighed 84 kg and had a ripped physique but didn’t take so much care about how much food I should eat and how to cook good bodybuilding meals that’s why I stagnated with my results.

After 2 years of training.

I knew in order to get bigger and stronger I had to eat more that’s why I started to prepare proper meals in Tupperware plastic.
Back then I worked 9 months civilian service as a paramedic at the red cross.
I spent all day in the car that’s why I had to eat the food which I packed in my backpack cold.
It wasn’t a luxury menu but it was good enough to gain 9 kilograms in this 9 month period.

Now after 6 years of training without any serious injuries I still write down every workout and am progressing in the exercises I want to get better at.
I take more notice than ever of warming up and proper form.
There was a time when I needed a Pre Workout Booster and heavy metal music to hype myself up for a heavy set, it’s no longer like that.
I still lift heavy but I am in deep focus only concentrating on my set without any need to shout or someone to motivate me.

If you have a success story feel free to share it with me.

I will end this post with a great quote from Socrates.

“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”

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18 thoughts on “Think Big – Get Big

  1. Damn bruh this is some really motivational stuff right here! Love that Socrates quote too. 🙂 Thanks for checking out my site!


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