How To Get More Out Of Your Time


Why do we often hear that time is the most precious thing but at the same time often don’t respect and value our or other peoples time?

Why do we watch a film or tv series again if we watched it already 2 times before?

Or even worse, some people watch a film which was crap the first time they have seen it again to see if it’s better the second time.

Why do we waste our time arguing with people just to prove them that they are wrong but actually their opinion is irrelevant?

Why do we read 10 books or blogs about one topic, when we should focus on 2 or 3 which contain the most relevant content for us?(Besides that our brain can’t recall all the information we read anyways).

It is because we get comfortable and many other people behave the same.

So if everyone does it this way, it must be the correct and only way, right?


Only because others put off their thinking cap it doesn’t mean you should do the same.

It is more comfortable and easy for us to disagree with someone’s opinion than to take action and let the person indirectly see that they were wrong.

Actions speak louder than words.

It is more comfortable to read another book about how to do something better or how to get more of something than to start with the knowledge you already adopted. There will never be the perfect moment you are waiting for to start doing something.

So stop wasting your time.

Don’t leave things for another day which can be done now.

If there’s some work waiting for you that can be done in 5 minutes then don’t hesitate to do it and do it now.

Step by step you will get closer to your goal but remember that you have to do your first step.

Every moment you get into the situation where you might waste your time ask yourself:

”Will I come closer to my goals by doing this?’’

”Do I enrich my life by buying this or is it a waste of my money and time?’’

”Is it worth my time arguing with this person?’’

 ”Is it my decision to do this or am I doing this because someone else is doing the same and I don’t think about what I really want?’’

Let’s say you earn 10 dollars (or euros) an hour and you see a t-shirt (or some other product) which costs $40(€) only because it has some fancy logo, ask yourself

”Would I work 4 hours to afford this t-shirt only because everyone else is wearing it when I can get a much more comfortable and stylish t-shirt for half of the price?’’.

You will face those situations every day.

So start asking yourself how YOU want to spend your time and don’t blindly follow the masses.

Don’t sell your time for less it’s worth.

In the gym

Everyone tells me ”I wish I could also go to the gym, and train like you do but I don’t have any time.”

I always answer ”You do have the time. You just have different priorities. If I would go out partying all night or shopping I wouldn’t have time for the gym either”.

You have to set your priorities and goals accordingly.

When you’re in the gym use your time as economically as possible.

For example, on my upper body workouts, I do one set for my chest followed by a set for my back and then take 60-90 seconds rest before repeating those two sets.

You don’t need more than 90 seconds rest to hit your chest again because your chest muscles rested already while you did you set for your back.

When you’re in the gym to train then be ambitious about your training and don’t play with your phone, as Arnold would say about those people

”They are not serious. That’s Micky Mouse.”

Stay focused in and out of the gym and spend your time efficiently.

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